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NCFI manufactures high-performance roofing solutions in the EnduraTech™ premier line of roofing and coating systems. EnduraTech™ is the best thermal insulation commercially available. The Spray Polyurethane Foam technology behind EnduraTech™ Premier Roofing Systems has been around for over 35 years, making this a tested solution for your next roofing project. Lightweight and durable, the EnduraTech™ line can save building owners maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption. For the contractor, these roofing systems are easy to apply and adapt easily to uniquely shaped structures and difficult to flash penetrations.

There are more benefits to specifying and using our advanced Spray Polyurethane Foam roof systems:

The EnduraTech™ roofing systems are cost-effective and easy to install. There’s no need for contractors to tear off the old roof, so there are no landfill fees. EnduraTech™ systems adhere to most types of decks and substrates without penetrating fasteners.
bullet NCFI’s systems are able to resist severe weather in a variety of climates.
bullet NCFI uses no harmful ozone-depleting chemicals in the manufacture of EnduraTech™ Premier Roofing Systems.
bullet Severe weather is no match for EnduraTech™ Premier Roofing Systems. They are also able to withstand high-wind conditions. If damaged in a storm, EnduraTech™ can be repaired with caulking in most cases. This means there is less maintenance required, saving maintenance cost.
bullet They provide superior R-Value per inch, reducing both heating and cooling costs. These systems also are exceptionally reflective to abate urban heat islands.

There are four distinct roofing systems, each designed to address specific roofing problems.

The EnduraPlus™ Roofing System is the best option when re-roofing. It offers improved structural integrity, seamless breathable spray-in-place rigid polyurethane foam and protective elastomeric coating to provide a durable, lightweight, energy efficient, and weather resistant solution.

If your building has a flat roof, EnduraRock™ is the best choice. It combines improved structural integrity and seamless spray-in-place rigid polyurethane foam, acrylic coatings, and a layer of protective, rugged gravel for a high-quality, weather-resistant roofing solution.

If your building has a metal roof, you’ll want EnduraMetal™ to protect against and prevent leaks, rust, and additional repairs. EnduraMetal™ will also help reduce energy costs and provide a comfortable environment. EnduraMetal™ is adaptable for any roofing situation. 

For a roofing restoration project, choose the EnduraStore™ Roofing System. EnduraStore™ will cost a fraction of a complete tear-off roof replacement while providing a durable surface and superior low maintenance solution. Like all of NCFI’s EnduraTech™ Premier Roofing Systems, it is environmentally friendly, offers superior adhesion, and unmatched adaptability.

For more detailed information on the EnduraTech™ Premier Roofing Systems, contact us.

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