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NCFI’s Specialty Products Division manufactures spray foam products for use in homes, office buildings, institutions and agricultural facilities. You may not see our products in the buildings you visit, but they are there – making any facility you enter more comfortable and secure.

Want a cleaner, healthier environment that is also energy efficient? Then you’ll want to learn more about our high-tech residential insulations known as InsulStar® and SEALITE™ or our technologically advanced commercial systems called ThermalStop™, AgriThane™ and InsulBloc®. These innovative insulation systems shield building occupants against air infiltration, pollen, dust and noise pollution and can save customers up to 40% on their energy bills.

But there’s more than just efficient comfort inside your walls. NCFI’s commercial roofing systems also help businesses save money on heating and cooling costs – plus, they can save a business its facility. Our roofing technology has helped secure commercial facilities against Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew and Hugo.

Have a special design in mind? NCFI’s EnduraTech™ is an innovative new generation of polyurea coating which can be used in a variety of ways, custom-fitting your design.

NCFI’s versatile Custom Formulated Products provide more adaptability for virtually any product development application. With our customizable line of rigid and flexible products, your design is limited only by your imagination. As examples of their flexibility, NCFI products are found in the adhesive, taxidermy and custom molding industries, and many others.   

From the insulation and roofing that protect the buildings you use the most to versatile Customer Formulated Products that can be customized for almost any application, NCFI’s products are everywhere. We also sell and service the equipment that enables these applications, offering a single reliable source of support for applicators of foam-in-place operations.

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CPI/SPFA HazCom Guidance Document for SPF Applications
Effectively Managing an OSHA Inspection
Guidance on Best Practices for the Installation of Spray Polyurethane Foam
Health & Safety Workbook
Health and Safety Bulletin
Jobsite Safety and Ventilation Bulletin
Ventilation Considerations for Spray Polyurethane Foam

Health & Safety Training for SPF Applicators

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