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Michigan's First and Only Heart Hospital Prescribed NCFI Polyurethanes' InsulBloc SPF Insulation for Health of the Building 08/13/13

MOUNT AIRY, NC—Detroit Medical Center’s (DMC) new $78 million, five-story, 96,000 sq. ft. Heart Hospital was designed to be unique in many ways. Not only is it Michigan’s first and only heart hospital, but everything from the midtown site, to the linear layout (lowers the average time it takes a patient to travel from the front door to the catheterization area by 40 percent) to building materials, to the unique multidisciplinary team of top physicians, nurses and specialists working together in the areas of cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular medicine and surgery,  cardiovascular anesthesiology, cardiac behavioral medicine and radiology make this new hospital a game-changer for Detroit.

One of the engineered building materials being used in the Heart Hospital was specifically chosen for the unique value it adds to the health of the overall building system: InsulBloc® high-performance spray foam insulation by US company, NCFI Polyurethanes.

Detroit Heart Hospital 

“They wanted a high-performance insulation,” says Anton Cornellier, president of Stony Creek Services, the Westland, MI trade contractor chosen to provide insulation for building. “They made it clear that since the facility would house both DMC’s Cardiovascular Institute, and Cardio Team One—sort of an onsite rapid Detroit Heart Hospital Uses InsulBloc SPF Insulation response team—the building system itself should promote and protect the health of the patients.”

“They wanted an insulation that added to LEED certification—not only offering high R-value so they save on energy costs, but also one that is an excellent air barrier and vapor barrier to keep out airborne toxins and moisture. They wanted high-performance: excellent indoor air quality, lower loads on HVAC equipment, consistent temperature control, a vapor barrier to keep moisture out so mold can’t grow, lower overall operating costs. The only single engineered building insulation that fits that bill is SPF insulation.

Cornellier, whose company has been using SPF insulation for more than 30 years, says they are spraying 2.5 inches of InsulBloc® on the exterior of the masonry and metal sections using two crews to keep up with the demanding schedule so the Heart Hospital opens on time. “This hospital is a big deal for Michigan. This place will save lots of lives and we take our responsibility seriously. The details they’ve designed in are amazing, and we even worked directly with the masons to create a better seal around windows by adding a metal angle as a spray termination to allow the brick returns to be easily installed.”

He says he chose InsulBloc® because he trusts NCFI and the company’s many brands of insulation products. “They [NCFI] are the most consistent in the industry—the best overall quality consistently. And on a big, important job like this, that’s imperative. Plus, they have almost 50 years of experience making SPF insulation. That gives us the confidence to not only choose their foam, but also that if we run into a situation in which we need technical help, or support, they have it. Heck, they even show up on our jobsites to make sure we have what we need. That makes them the kind of business partner we can’t replace. They make everyone’s bottom line healthier.”

Detroit Heart Hospital Uses InsulBloc SPF Insulation DMC’s Heart Hospital is slated to open in 2014, and is part of an $850 million investment in the Detroit Medical Center by Vanguard Health System.


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