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Innovative Polyurethane Product Use Draws Crowd at 31st Annual Colorado School of Mines Course 10/15/10

MOUNTY AIRY, NC—NCFI Polyurethanes, a leading national polyurethane products
manufacturer, drew a crowd by demonstrating innovative uses of their products for the
geotechnical industry at the 31st Annual Short Course on Grouting Fundamentals at the
Colorado School of Mines in June.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the degree of interest,” says Patrick Burchett, senior
account manager Geo-Tech Products for NCFI. “Building owners, geotechnical
contractors and engineers came from all over to see this presentation. Our polyurethane
products are making a name for themselves and being used for all kinds of geotechnical
solutions: trench breakers for pipelines, road and bridge repair, airport taxiway repair,
but our concrete and mining product uses are quickly becoming a big deal.”

NCFI was the only polyurethane product manufacturer selected by course organizers to
speak about, and give a hands-on demonstration, of the company’s innovative uses of
polyurethane products. Burchett demonstrated how NCFI’s TerraThane systems are
being used for concrete lifting and void filling of concrete slab sections. “Our TerraThane
systems are being used successfully with residential, commercial and industrial
applications and for restoring and repairing concrete road sections on highways, airport
tarmacs and parking lots, and as recently seen on the television show, Dirty Jobs, is an
excellent way to close and permanently seal old mines, or unused shafts.”

“Word is quickly getting out that TerraThane is an ideal product for geotechnical
applications. I venture to say NCFI is the most knowledgeable company in this industry,
and offers the most diversified product line and technical support. Our 40 plus years of
experience give us a clear advantage for helping those with geotechnical needs find the
very best solutions.”

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