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New Aspen Home a VISION for Green, Sustainable Building Thanks in Part to NCFI's InsulStar Spray Foam Insulation 03/30/10

MOUNT AIRY, NC—A new home in the high mountains of Aspen, CO. is proof “green” can be sexy, energy efficient, durable, and cost-effective. The home’s increased energy efficiency, which is what most homebuyers are seeking these days, is accomplished largely by the inclusion of NCFI’s InsulStar® high performance spray foam insulation.

The VISION House Aspen is the first in a series of homes built by Green Builder Media, the parent company of Green Builder magazine, that showcase green, sustainable building methods and “best in class” products in different environments, locations and costs. The Aspen home opened its doors to the public this week, and features InsulStar® as the “best of the best” insulation.

“NCFI provided an indispensable part of a strategy to create the most energy efficient building envelope possible,” says Ron Jones, founder Green Builder magazine and president of Green Builder Media. “InsulStar® is an environmentally friendly, closed cell, spray-in-place insulation product formulated from polyurethane and renewable, sucrose-based agricultural resources.”

Jones says his staff, architect, J. Stace McGee, Environmental Dynamics, Inc., Albuquerque, NM, and builder, Gerry Hazelbaker, Paradigm Construction Corp., Basalt, CO., chose InsulStar® because of its industry-leading reputation as an ultra-high-performance insulation that could be applied down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, when other spray foams are rated to only thirty degrees. Jones say, “It helps create a very tight envelope on the house, and provides dramatic savings on energy costs when compared with traditional insulation products.Additionally it acts as a vapor barrier, reduces noise, blocks dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants, helping to  create a more comfortable and clean environment.”

Architect J. Stace McGee agrees InsulStar® is the ideal choice for an ultimate green  design. “By spraying the walls and the interior roof deck with InsulStar® foam, the entire home becomes a conditioned space—essentially pushing the dew point outside the house, which eliminated the need for ventilating attic space.” He says of the  home’s overall efficiency, “VISION House is 48% more efficient than the 2006 IECC. This house is already 66% more efficient than typical comparable housing in the Aspen area . . . with a yearly reduction in energy cost of over $2,000.”

Nelson Clark, senior vice president, NCFI’s, says, “We’re very excited about the VISION House Aspen. It’s a beautiful house with amazing views and it’s loaded with green products and green building methods: Solar thermal hot water, hydronic flooring system, dual-flush toilets, domestic hot water recirculation loop, LED lighting, reclaimed FSC oak flooring, earthen plaster and low VOC paint, to name a few. We’re proud they chose InsulStar® as the insulation. Ron, Gerry and Stace did a fantastic job creating a luxury home that proves green, sustainable building can be glamorous.”

The VISION House Aspen is located in a spectacular setting on McClain Flats on the outskirts of Aspen, Colorado. The house has 360-degree panoramic views of Aspen Mountain, Snowmass Mountain, and the Upper Roaring Fork Valley. The area has a rich history steeped in mining and is now a leading international mountain resort that attracts a wide variety of tourists from around the globe.

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