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Award Winning Designer, Dan Sater, Proves Luxury and Eco-Friendly Can (and Should) Live Under the Same Roof 05/18/10

MOUNT AIRY, NC—Dan Sater II, AIBD, CGP, president and CEO of Sater Companies, one of the nation’s most recognized design firms, trend-setting home designer with over 450 awards to his company’s name, is proving green is green regardless of size. One of his latest designs for an 8,511 square foot (5,233 sq. ft. under air) contemporary home in Cape Coral, FL, features advanced sustainable methods and products, and marries aesthetics and effectiveness.

“The green design and building movement is changing the way we live,” says Sater. “Demand for greener, healthier, more sustainable homes is rising and, since we’ve been using these methods and products for 20 years, people are coming to us from all over the country for homes that combine our signature beauty, art and taste with sustainability.”

Sater, who currently serves as president of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD), says the best designs begin with the right insulation. He says the choice of insulation is vital because it allows the owner to use alternative energy sources like wind, geothermal, solar, and wood, and to make the most of the energy created. “This home includes solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that collect sunlight and convert it to electricity. To be efficient with the energy created, though, we selected InsulStar® high performance spray foam insulation, by NCFI. The closed-cell spray foam provides excellent insulation, dramatically saving on energy costs, and because it seals every crack and crevice it also keeps out moisture, and air pollutants: mold, allergens like pollens, and dust. It’s the ideal efficiency envelope and healthy air product for a green home.”

As Sater described, the Cape Coral home includes solar PV panels and system for electricity and heating water. The home also includes a partial green roof that helps cool the home, on-site water collection and retention—the city offers a residential grey water program— and Energy Star® Low-emissivity (Low-e) glass windows in which microscopically thin coatings are bonded to the surface of a window's glass to prevent heat and ultra-violet (UV) rays from passing through glass. Low-e glass, like InsulStar® insulation, significantly reduces energy use and cost. The house is also equipped with beautiful Energy star appliances and fixtures, and is built with low VOC materials including paint.

Sater, whose designs have been featured in national publications like Better Homes & Gardens, Designer Dream Homes, Builder and American Dream Homes says, “Using sustainable products and methods is not a trend, it’s the future standard. Green building makes our living spaces healthier, more comfortable, more responsible with regard to the environment, and saves the homeowner money in the long run. It pays back in all ways. Sustainable, cost effective and beautiful; it’s not a paradox, it’s a partnership.”

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