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High quality is what you’ll get with our Memory-Lux™ products, whether you choose our bedding products, furniture cushions and backs or carpet padding. Memory-Lux™ is the brand name, but you can be sure it’s got NCFI Polyurethanes written all over it.

Memory-Lux™ Sleep System
But the Memory-Lux™ name has more to it than just soft cushioning for your chairs and carpet: we also offer a full line of Memory Foam Mattresses. Our Memory-Lux™ Sleep System is a series of high-quality mattresses that provide a good night’s sleep. This system of mattresses offers comfort and support because of the technology we used to create it in 2005. By combining our Vx Memory Foam with our high-density Pluralux base, we’ve designed these mattresses to outperform every other memory foam product. To take a test rest, contact us. Our Memory-Lux™ products can be found just about anywhere you’d like to try them.

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