Specialty Products Division that produces energy-saving Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation consumer products biolux luxguard

NCFI offers a complete line of low density rigid foams for virtually any application. NCFI is an industry leader in taxidermy foam systems by recognizing customer needs and adapting our materials to suit each individual process and objective. NCFI is also one of the first companies to offer blended Pentane blown foams for taxidermy and roofing applications.

Excellent reproduction of mold detail. High closed cell content provides for excellent flotation properties.
Good strength to weight ratio enhances structural integrity of product. Rated polyurethane systems offer superior
R values for structural insulated panels.
Spray Foam
OEM Markets/Applications
Integral Skin Foams
Elastomers & Casting Resins
Flexible Molding Foams
High Density Rigid Foams
Low Density Rigid Foams
High Density Rigid Foams
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