Geotechnical Foam

Lifting Polyurethanes to a Whole New Level™

At NCFI we’ve been making lives more comfortable and businesses more profitable for over 40 years. Building on our expertise in rigid and flexible polyurethanes, we are proud to offer a line of geotechnical foam solutions that provide unique engineering solutions for foundations, buildings, roadways and concrete repair.

Swift Application Leads to Years of Performance

Our geotechnical foam systems meet a variety of geotechnical engineering demands, ranging from concrete lifting to pipeline trench breakers to mine reclamation projects. At the heart of our diverse product line is TerraThane™. While this advanced erosion control barrier can be applied quickly, it also provides outstanding cost savings and performance over the long haul.

We’re Professional Problem-Solvers

Every NCFI system is backed by full field service and support, which includes equipment, training, and replacement parts. This fact, combined with our ability to provide the solution to a variety of geotechnical problems, is why our geotechnical foam systems deliver the best value and performance in the industry.