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BioLux MaxBio-Lux MAX is the premier choice when you require a wide range of high performance foams that contain the highest amount of renewable materials on the market. As a recognized leader in environmental stewardship within the polyurethane industry, NCFI has been at the forefront of producing flexible foam products containing renewable raw materials. Bio-Lux MAX is a revolutionary product that replaces 50% of the petroleum-based Polyol with renewable Polyol. Bio-Lux MAX is a culmination of years of research and state-of-the-art manufacturing, coming together to produce an environmentally responsible foam without sacrificing performance. Our pledge is to constantly maximize the renewable content of these products while maintaining the high standards you expect.

NCFI Polyurethanes has a reputation for developing high quality products that meet exacting standards. Bio-Lux HR is no exception to the rule! By combining the highest quality raw materials and the latest in polyurethane technology, NCFI's line of high performance foams outperform all others in the marketplace. When you want superior performance and maximum durability at a fair price, NCFI Polyurethanes is the only choice.

Conventional Grades
Name Density ILD Range
BLM12517 1.25 16-19
BLM12521 1.25 20-23
BLM12525 1.25 24-27
BLM12530 1.25 28-30
BLM14517 1.45 16-19
BLM14521 1.45 20-23
BLM14525 1.45 24-27
BLM12530 1.45 28-30
BLM17050 1.70 46-54
Seating Grades
Name Density ILD Range Support Factor
BLM18517 1.85 16-19 2.4
BLM18521 1.85 20-23 2.4
BLM18525 1.85 24-27 2.4
BLM18530 1.85 28-30 2.4
BLM18550 1.85 46-54 2.4


All Bio-Lux MAX  Foams meet the following specifications:

  • Average 50% Soy Polyol Content
  • 2.4 Support Factor for Seating Grades
  • California Technical Bulletin 117 – Pass
  • FAA 25.853 – Pass
  • MVSS 302 – Pass
  • UL-94 HBF – Pass


All Bio-Lux HR foams meet CertiPUR-US standards.  This means that these products have been tested to ensure that they meet the stated standards for durability.

CertiPUR-US approval also means that all Bio-Lux MAX foams meet stringent standards for harmful substances and heavy metals. In short, these foams are of the highest quality available on the market today.

BioLux HR Comfort Today - Green Tomorrow

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