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At NCFI, we take our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment seriously. That’s why our polyurethane manufacturing and SPF installation processes are constantly reviewed and improved. While our business is manufacturing the highest quality products that make buildings and residences more energy efficient and comfortable, we believe in producing them in an environmentally friendly manner.

We manufacture our products with the following guidelines in mind:
bullet Their use reduces a building’s consumption of natural resources for heating and cooling.
bullet They are made from domestically produced resources, reducing transportation costs.
bullet Our products are safe to handle and install with PPE and training.
bullet They improve indoor air quality by sealing a building’s perimeter.
bullet They are, in many instances, recyclable or can be repurposed for other uses.
bullet They contain renewable agricultural resources.

We are committed to both exceeding all environmental regulations and to continuous improvement in our manufacturing and installation practices...

Our Commitment to NCFI Employees
In addition to our stewardship of natural resources, we are committed to ensuring our facilities are pleasant and safe places to work. We do this by maintaining environmental controls throughout our plants and by regularly hold training classes for installers of our products. We practice our commitment to both the environment and to our employees by performing daily quality checks throughout our plants. As a result, NCFI has an outstanding safety record.

Award-Winning Innovation and Regulatory Compliance
NCFI’s innovation for protecting the environment won an award from the Environmental Protection Agency. As the first North American urethane foam supplier to commercially offer hydrocarbon and HFC-formulated rigid spray systems as alternatives to HCFC’s, NCFI continues to set new standards for the industry. NCFI also complies with ExxonMobil's safety procedures which require appropriate equipment, procedures and training for customers prior to selling hydrocarbon formulated spray systems.

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Health and Safety Bulletin
Jobsite Safety and Ventilation Bulletin
Ventilation Considerations for Spray Polyurethane Foam

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